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Concentrate on the job, not the language

Expert administrative and linguistic assistance for your international projects and teams

Let’s Succeed Together

The support you deserve

Bridge language and cultural barriers on international projects

Managing international projects is tough enough without having to worry about communication barriers, cultural differences, and administrative tasks.


You may not have the time or resources to handle everything on your own, and you need someone who can help you manage complex international visits and inspections.

Excalibur offers executive assistants who are fluent in both English and French and experienced in providing efficient administrative support to sensitive international projects.


Our team helps bridge the gap between your team and international partners, ensuring seamless communication and successful project completion.

Trust Excalibur Language Solutions to provide reliable on-site support for your next international project.

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Our Work

Bilingual support when and where you need it

At Excalibur Language Solutions, we know how important industry inspections and reviews are. We also understand how crucial it is to communicate well with visiting teams whose working language is English.


When English isn't your native language, this can be stressful. This is where we can help.

Business assistant/interpreter at meeting

Experienced assistance for your international projects.

During the preparation phase, we offer intensive, homestay English tuition in England for executives needing to rapidly improve their English skills. Our multicultural workshops can help improve the abilities of your home teams to work well with different cultures in an international working environment.

We can also provide bilingual assistants to assist you during the immediate preparation and execution of the mission. Once the mission is underway, we offer collaborative writing support to executives in producing written work in English, ensuring clear and effective communication of their ideas.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and see how we can help you to deliver a successful project.

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Client Testimonials

Merlyn is very efficient and professional. She provided my team with great support in a very international and technical context.

Laurent Roussel 

WANO Shanghai

I very much appreciated working with Merlyn. Her organizational skills are very remarkable. She is helpful, courteous and absolutely trustworthy. Merlyn is resilient and always responsive even in stressful situations. She works in a structured and goal-oriented manner and is also willing to subordinate personal concerns to team tasks.

Dieter Steiner   

WANO Paris

Merlyn is very professional and easy to work with. I recommend!

Boris Beauvie


Nous souhaitons vous faire part de notre satisfaction concernant la prestation réalisée par Merlyn, sa disponibilité et son professionnalisme (avec en plus un très bon sens du relationnel !) 

Claire Biremont

EDF Belleville

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